My First Personal Project: Dance Matching platform_6) 2020_04_17

오범준·2020년 4월 20일

To Do

1. Just Jerk

  • I got the element properly but, I could not get any text.
    It meant, I approacehd to code properly but, failed to load the actual content

There was 2 probability
1) brought the element, before actual content inside the element , ex. text
2) Had to request Headers

On 1st point
1) I applied "Explicit Waiting" by Python.
But it didn't still work.

2) So I thought of adding Headers

if the pb was related with "headers", then
I might try bs4 rather thatn Selenium, since it takes longer time

  • It worked. But, The problem was that, along the processes of Crawling, I found some possible error.
    such as
Dream of being "물빵개" ( Go abroad for Dance and Programming)

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