Causative verb?

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causative verb 라고 하면 생소하지만 우리가 익히 아는 사역동사로 말하는 화자가 하는 것이 아닌 시키는 or 시켜지는 동사.
If you want to mention who does an action for you because you instruct them or ask them to, use "have somebody do something".


"I got my hair cut."The action, not the person who does the action, is important
"I need to get my eyes tested"내가 내 눈을 검사하는 것이 아니며 내 눈은 검사의 주체가 아닌 객체가 되는 경우

의미 차이

I cut my hairI did the action
I had my hair cutI paid somebody to do the action - focus on the action
I had my mom cut my hairMy mom did the action - - focus on the person who does the action

have 와 get

two new causative structures used to mention who does the action
– "have somebody do something" and "get somebody to do something"

🛎️ Watch out for the "to" that goes with "get somebody to do something". 🛎️

I had my mum cut my hair.
I got my mum to cut my hair.

Here are all the forms:
have/get something done

Have 사역동사Get 사역동사
have somebody do somethingget somebody to do something
the focus is on the actionthe focus is on the person
"I had my nails done.""I got my sister to do my nails."
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