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Data Types

  • a specific kind of data attribute that tells what kind of value the data is

Data Types In Spreadsheets

  • Number

  • Text (or String)

  • Boolean

  • Tabular

    • Rows(spreadsheet) == Records(any kind)
    • Columns(spreadsheet) == Fields(any kind)
  • Wide Data

    • data in which every data subject has a single row with multiple columns to hold the values of various attribtues of the subject

    • lets you easily identify and quickly compare different columns

    • makes it easy to find and compare the data at different periods of time

    • is preferred when creating tables and charts with a few variables about each subject

    • is preferred when comparing straightforward line graphs

  • Long Data

    • data in which each row is one time point per subject, so each sbject will have data in multiple rows

    • can store and analyze all of this data using fewer columns

    • easy to add new variables

    • is preferred when storing a lot of variables about each subject

    • is preferred when performing advanced statistical analysis or graphing

Data Transformation

  • the process of changing the data's format, structure, or values
    • adding, copying, replicating, deleting etc.
    • joining, standardizing, renaming etc.

Why Transform?

  • Organization Purposes
  • Compatibility : different system can use the same data
  • Migration : data with matching formats can be moved from one system to another
  • Merging : data with the same organization can be merged together
  • Enhancement : data can be displayed with more detailed fields
  • Data Comparison : apples-to-apples comparison of the data can then be made
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