Web Design #1 - Web Design for Developers

HJ's Coding Journey·2021년 9월 7일

[Learn] HTML/CSS

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Why is Web Design Important?

Back in the day, designing and developing were distinct tasks. In order to build a website, there was a 2-step process. Designers would initially create the visual aspects of a website and developers would implement the design using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. As time passed, however, it has become very crucial for web developers to not only code, but also to design webpages by themselves.

As developers, knowing web design gives us more freedom and authority to give meaning to our websites. Further, we are able to see the whole process of how our code interacts with our design to make the website work. This extra knowledge helps developers to focus on the most important part of the websit: the "user". Learnning design gives us more insight from the user interacts with our product. This difference allows us to develop a product that is potentially better than the ones that are average.

Good Design

  • Create an immediate and lasting positive impression of the brand or product.
  • Makes the user trust the brand right away.
  • Increases the user's perceived value of the brand or product.
  • Gives users exactly what they were looking for when coming to the site.

Bad Design

  • Makes users believe the brand doesn't really care about their product or service.
  • Makes the user insecure about trusting the brand.
  • Makes the brand or product seem "cheap".
  • Leaves users confused and makes it hard for them to reach their goal.

Website Personalities

Overtime, we have seen many different types of websites. Each with their unique layout and structure, these websites posesses various personalities. The term 'personality' refers to the feeling given off from a website when the user first enters. Is the aura of the website simple? Serious? Stylish? Upbeat? Peaceful? 🤔

Examples of Website Personalities

  1. Serious/Elegant

  1. Minimalist/Simple

  1. Plain/Neutral

  1. Bold/Confident

  1. Calm/Peaceful

  1. Startup/Upbeat

  1. Playful/Fun

Improving Everyday

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2022년 7월 28일

Good introduction article, thanks

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