Google Data Analytics #14_Clean Data

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[Google] Data Analytics

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Clean Data

  • Data Integrity : the accuracy, completeness, consistency, and trustworthiness of data throughout its lifecycle

  • Data Replication : the process of storing data in multiple locations

  • Data Transfer : the process of copying data from a storage device to memory, or from one computer to another

  • Data Manipulation : the process of changing data to make it more organized and easier to read

Types of Insufficient Data

  • data from only one source
  • data that keeps updating
  • outdated data
  • geographically-limited data

Ways To Address Insufficient Data

  • identify trends with the available data
  • wait for more data if time allows
  • talk with stakeholders and adjust your objective
  • look for a new dataset

Why Cleaning Data Is Important

  • Banking: Inaccuracies cost companies between 15% and 25% of revenue
  • Digital Commerce : Up to 25% and B2B database contacts contain inaccuracies
  • Marketing And Sales : 8 out 10 companies have said that dirty data hinders sales campaigns
  • Healthcare : duplicate records can be 10% and even up to 20% of a hospital's electronic health records
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